The necessary equipment for adopting a Pet

The necessary equipment for adopting a Pet

The necessary equipment for adopting a dog or a cat Now that you are certain of your choice, you must consider purchasing the necessary equipment to properly accommodate it in your home. Here are the essential elements to pay attention to:

Food Obviously, you need bowls: one for water and one for food. Different existing materials (stainless steel, ceramic, plastic), to choose according to your budget. Note, however, that plastic can alter the taste of food. For dogs who gulp without chewing their kibble, you can opt for an anti-gluttonous bowl to force them to slow down their ingestion. For their part, very large dogs will appreciate a support presenting the bowls at a height. In terms of food, several types are possible (kibble, wet, BARF, etc.). It's up to you to choose the one that best suits you and your pet.

Transportation For dogs, absolutely avoid a collar (or harness) and a leash. Prefer small, flat nylon collars when he is still a puppy, and be careful to adapt the size correctly as the puppy grows. For the cat, the collar can be useful if it goes out (with a telephone number for example) but is of little use for an indoor cat. Also bring a transport box. The latter is obligatory for the slightest movements of the cat, which absolutely cannot remain free in the car or in another type of transport. For dogs, you can travel without it but it is however very useful for learning to be alone and as a place of comfort when the puppy arrives home: it is his place (so never punish him inside). It also allows him to travel safely because the box plays the same role as the seat belt.

The sleeping Dogs and cats are not picky and easily find any comfortable place: a rug, a cushion, an armchair or even the floor or a box. However, remember to set up his place where he can rest in peace. When a puppy arrives at home, provide a puppy playpen or a closed room for the night and the times when he will be alone with his bowls and toys: this will allow him to learn solitude little by little. , without stressing and without eating into your furniture… For cats, the cat tree is essential and must allow the cat to scratch its claws, perch at a height and play. It can also have hiding places.

Games For both dogs and cats, games are essential. Take different types and check that they are safe if swallowed or spoiled. You can also make your own quite easily.

Hygiene For cats, don’t forget the litter box. This can be in all possible shapes but it must be clean and suitable for your cat, everyone has their own preference. For dogs, consider poop bags if you are in town. You can also buy small treats to potty train your puppy. Also provide a brush to pass to your dog or cat regularly to remove dead hairs from the coat. The shampoo will also be important when your dog is dirty but it must be adapted to its hair type. After these purchases, you will be ready to welcome your new companion into your home!

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